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The Informed Minds App is a psycho-educational early intervention phone application.  It has been Co-designed with students & employees over the age of 16 years old in direct response to high stress, self-harm & suicide rates locally, nationally and globally.

The content is suitable for App users aged over 16yrs old only.


Let us introduce to you our 6 unique App categories to support psychological well being for anyone over the age of 16.

1) A-Z of Figuring It Out – A library of byte-sized lived & learned and professional vlogs and blogs on various well-being challenges and issues. These are also supported by signposting to various statutory
services, charities and support services.
2) I’m Not OK – Signposting to emergency services, crisis helplines and mental health and well-being statutory services and charities.
3) Mind & Mood – Activities and exercises to lift a low mood & to calm a stressed, busy or anxious mind.
4) Serious Situations – vlogs and blogs and support services on a range of Safeguarding & potentially dangerous topics.
5) Current Conversations – Interviews and sofa conversations with a diverse range of professionals and young adults mental health well-being issues.
6) Mind Gym –Practical tools and tips that can be completed daily, or as needed, to promote a healthier mindset and overall better well-being & Byte-sized training programs on a range of key topics like
Stress & Anxiety, Mindset and Confidence.

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