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Hi everyone,

We hope you have all had a fantastic June. We are delighted to be able to share with you another installment of our newsletter to keep you up to date with everything that is happening behind the scenes at Informed Minds Training & Consultancy Ltd and of course we want to share training and learning opportunities with you as well.


1. We’re Giving Back!


– We were delighted to present our 2 worthy charities, Support 2gether and Action Mental Health Youth Sector, their £400 EACH, raised during our Mental Health Awareness Week event: The Kind Mind and we are already in the process of planning our next charity event!

– An application has also been submitted to acquire funds for Informed Minds to deliver a series of Individual & Family Mental Health Wellbeing webinars to members of CCE. Leading The Way!

– We extend a sincere thank you to Silvermist Media who have also created a highlights video from The Kind Mind Virtual Conference. There was so much amazing information shared during this 4 day event, and we had such powerful speakers, that it was definitely a real challenge to select the content for the video! But we are delighted with the final 18 minute highlights video.

Responding to your requests following the The Kind Mind Conference: We are delighted to be offering YOU an opportunity to join our private, elite Kind Mind Closed Facebook Group. There will be excellent, FREE CONTENT for those in the group! The free content will include lots of useful information in relation to Mental Health Wellbeing! In this group we will be releasing the highlights video and we will be adding and uploading lots of fantastic information.

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to invite friends in to this group once you are in as well- because as you know our vision at Informed Minds is to “Change The World- by Spreading The Kind Mind!”

We will continue to share lived and learned interviews and stories and collaborate with professionals and experts in the field – bringing you all the best and most up to date content in the space of all things mental health wellbeing!

If you would like to be interviewed, or know a person with lived and learned life experience of mental health problems who would like to share their stories, please contact us at informedminds2019@gmail.com to arrange an initial conversation.

If you are a professional or expert in the field of mental health and wellbeing and would love to be interviewed to share your knowledge and wisdom- please email us at informedminds2019@gmail.com to arrange an initial conversation.

Please hit the link below to join this group and please include your email address and Facebook information so that we can add you to the group!



2. Programs Update


We were thrilled to hear the announcement of the Interim Mental Health Champion for NI and we look forward to collaborating with The Health Executive and Professor Siobhan O’Neill in her new role.

We have been busy redesigning our Introduction to Mental Health Wellbeing e-learning course so that it is more accessible to a wider range of people. We have ensured that this course will be CPD (Continual Professional Development) accrediated, beneficial and valuable to participants and it will guide you through the 1st important steps to creating positive mental health wellbeing for individuals.

This course will now be available through our website in August 2020 so please register your interest to receive more information.

Our CPD Accredited Mental Health Wellbeing Online Training Course is the perfect gift to YOURSELF and/or this online wellbeing course would be an amazing gift for someone close to you as well.

Informed Minds Training & Consultancy Ltd ™ have designed this Elite model using multiple-theories & evidence-based practice.
We will help you become more self-aware and give you the tips and tools you need to improve your self-management and overall wellbeing.

Now is the time to focus on you. Now is the time for change. Now is the time to take action.


We also delivered our first Virtual Designated Safeguarding Officer Training (refresher course) in June. This is a mandatory annual training course for all of those working with children in the private, volunteer and community sectors and the feedback we received was positive and appreciative.

We will be offering further opportunities to ensure you and your staff are up to date with this compulsory training in the coming weeks and months so please contact us here if you would like more information about this training. This is also a certified training.


CLICK NOW: Designated Safeguarding Officer Training



We completed our THEORY OF CHANGE DOCUMENT this month as well. This is an important academic research paper that we have written, based on multiple theories and evidenced based research to highlight the aims, purpose and benefits of The Kind Mind Model and App. The Kind Mind Model is the 1st of its kind technology-based / digital mental health early intervention and secondary prevention model to improve the mental health of the young people in our communities.

Our youth of today will benefit from experiential training followed by an online program- as they are a highly skilled technologically advanced generation. This program is designed for students aged between 16-24 and it will be rolled out to educational facilities as soon as their normal functioning resumes.

KIND MIND APP UPDATE: developments and enhancements are progressing successfully and we also have Apple and Google developer accounts in place.

Find out more



3. Always learning, always improving and always growing


At Informed Minds, we are committed to continually improving our programs and services to you and so we are always expanding and improving our own knowledge and expertise. We also know that learning and growing are essential elements of good Mental Health Wellbeing and so we practice what we preach!

The team have been busy attending virtual conferences, completing online courses and continuing our practice of reading relevant, up to date materials and research.

Our recommended reading this month is

‘Stress Control’ by Jim White.


Informed Minds Team members have also continued to work on their own mindset and Mental Health Wellbeing, utilising business and personal mentors, attending additional virtual conferences and enrolling in further professional development courses. Always improving, always learning, always growing!


4. We’ve been Vlogging!


In June, we completed a Q & A Vlog for YY People Recruitment Organisation and for BASW NI (British Association of Social Workers Northern Ireland).

In addition to this, Sinead chaired the Adult Services Social Work Support Forum for BASW NI and was involved in representing BASW NI at the BASW UK 50th year celebrations.

We’re also very excited to ANNOUNCE that Informed Minds have been selected as a TED CIRCLES HOST: more dates and information to follow. The first topic will be “Here & Now”…




We are very proud that the Informed Minds Business Profile was included in the Health News NI Digital Magazine


Link to Health News NI