“I Can Change My Mind”

June 2021 LAUNCH of the Informed Minds App


Hi everyone,

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about our App!

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. The Informed Minds App is a psychological well-being App set up to
help students and young people feel supported and valued. Sometimes life can throw difficult things at us,
so it is important to hear that other people have been there and have been able to manage these difficult



The Informed Minds App aims to support and help you with your Mental Health Wellbeing by providing a
range of Lived and Learned short vlogs and blogs from young people on various Mental Health Wellbeing
topics. These young people have been there. They have experienced a range of challenges or life experiences, so they voluntarily share their stories and some tips and strategies that helped them, with the
aim of helping others. In addition to this, we have included short vlogs and blogs from professionals from a
range of fields who also offer some advice on the topic.

The App also includes some tools and techniques related to Mind and Mood. The aim of this section is to
help you slow your mind or to raise your mood. These resources range from audio and visual tools to guided
breathing and meditation exercises to other strategies that can help you- these are what other young people
have told us have worked for them with regards improving your Mental Health Wellbeing.



Within the App we have also included our Mind Gym. Our mind is like any other muscle in our body – it needs
exercise and nourishment to become healthier, stronger and more ‘toned’! In this section, we use research
and science backed activities and exercises to help you strengthen your mind and your wellbeing and we
have included a range of mini training opportunities on a variety of key topics that have been identified as
barriers to wellbeing. These mini training opportunities are a series of 4/5 short vlogs, blogs or audios to help
you improve your understanding of key topics and provide you with techniques to strengthen your skills and
wellbeing in these areas – for example reducing stress, confidence, resilience and motivation.

Finally, we have also included support services that can help you with various challenges and difficult times
that you may face. These support services include crisis support services and professional charitable
organisations and guidance on how to contact them.

The Informed Minds App has been designed as a tool to improve your own self-awareness, self-reflection
techniques and self-management.

We also want to be very transparent – The Informed Minds App does not provide medical or clinical advice
and it is not intended to be a substitute for professional and expert advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are
feeling worried, if you are not feeling ok or if anything within the materials makes you feel uneasy, then
please contact your GP or go to the section on ‘I’m not ok’ for links to other support services. Always seek
the advice of your GP or other qualified health providers with any questions you might have regarding a
medical condition and if you think you have a medical emergency then call your GP or dial 999 immediately.