“I Can Change My Mind”

Who We Are


We are thrilled to be able to share with you that the Informed Minds App is a psycho-educational App focusing on prevention and resilience by improving mental health literacy and it is an early intervention resource to help young people with their psychological wellbeing.


The minds of our people matter the most!

We are committed to driving a social reform, where everyone deserves a more kind and happier life.


To create a future where we can all talk about and handle our own Mental Health Wellbeing in the knowing that we are not alone and that help is always at hand whenever we need it.




Together we share our Mental Health Wellbeing stories, advice and resources to comfort, inform and empower.

With our relational and inspiring content, the Informed Minds App will impact everyone by
helping them to be ready to step out into the world with the tools they need to respond, cope & succeed with our App in their back pocket