“I Can Change My Mind”

Sinead Welsh

Informed Minds CEO

Sinead founded Informed Minds Training & Consultancy ™ in 2019 after her return to Northern Ireland in 2017.

Sinead has spent the majority of her career as a Child Protection Manager; Case Conference Chair Person; Court Officer and Professional Trainer in Australia for the Department of Health & Human Services Melbourne for 10 years.  Where a dual citizen of Australia and UK, Sinead gained an enhanced and expert knowledge of the Abuse, Crimes & Risks associated with children and families.


Sinead holds two degrees from the Queens University of Belfast: Bachelor of Social Work (Relevant Graduate Route) and Bachelor of Arts Major/Minor Degree in Sociology & Women’s Studies.

In Australia:

  • Sinead co-managed and lead the Sexual Assault Investigation Team and Family Violence Violence Teams with Victoria Police Australia, where they piloted Child Protection Practitioners working in the Police Stations with Snr Detectives and SECASA (South East Centre Against Sexual Assault) counsellors & Snr Constables with elite training in Domestic Violence.
  • Sinead held the Child & Adult Mental health Portfolios.
  • Sinead trained practitioners & professionals in Child Protection; specifically Comprehensive & Informed Risk Assessments; the Children’s Court Proceedings; Complex Family Law cases and the Children Youth and Families Act.

In Northern Ireland:


  • Sinead has created the Informed Minds App coupled with the first of its kind Digital Mental Health Wellbeing Program called The Informed Minds Model as a secondary suicide prevention / self-harm reduction Model. The Informed Minds Senior Team  have written a Theory of Change around this model.


  • Sinead currently volunteers for a series of meaningful Charity Organisations.
  • Sinead is the lead safeguarding representative in Donacavey Parish
  • Sinead sits on the Clogher Diocesan Safeguarding Children Committee as a Child Protection Specialist covering parts of County’s Tyrone, Fermanagh and Monaghan.
  • Sinead is the vice chairperson for Support 2Gether – a Perinatal Mental health Charity
  • Sinead is the lead Designated Safeguarding/Child Protection Officer for Fintona Branch -Comhaltas CCE – a charity organisation North & South of Ireland promoting Irish culture, music, language, song and dance.


British Association of Social Workers (BASW NI)

  • Sinead is a registered independent Social Worker & Committee Member of BASW NI (the British Association of Social Workers -Northern Ireland).
    Sinead Chairs the Adult Services Social Worker virtual Support Spaces during Covid-19
    Sinead is a Social Work Union member also.


Sinead’s mother is a foster carer and has been for 24 years. The family have fostered members of the travelling community in the past and the current foster child has severe autism and he is simply wonderful.

  • Sinead’s dear father passed away with cancer when she was 21 yrs old.
  • In her rural home-town of Fintona, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland it did not take Sinead long to realise that we- the people of Northern Ireland  have a mental health problem epidemic: across many age categories and social demographics. Addictions are prevalent: alcohol: gambling; drugs; technology; eating disorders seem the highest at present…& Informed Minds Training & Consultancy hold the vision and purpose to help, support, educate and nurture- using our preventative/early intervention Model- The Informed Minds!