“I Can Change My Mind”



The Informed Minds App
Launching April 2021!


We are thrilled to be able to share with you that the Informed Minds App is a psycho-educational App
focusing on prevention and resilience by improving mental health literacy and it is an early intervention
resource to help young people with their psychological wellbeing. We have developed a relational App that
lets young people know that they are not alone and provides information, advice and support.




Our Vision

To create a future where we can all talk about and handle our own Mental Health Well-being in the knowing
that we are not alone and that help is always at hand whenever we need it.


Our Mission

Together we share our Mental Health Well-being stories, advice and resources to comfort, inform and
empower. With our relational and inspiring content, the Informed Minds App will impact everyone by
helping them to be ready to step out into the world with the tools they need to respond, cope & succeed
with our App in their back pocket

Please enjoy and explore through some of the excellent CPD accredited Training categories that our highly experienced trainers deliver, on-line, live virtually and in-the-room as required following Covid-19 restrictions.


Also we are delighted to offer you all the x14 day FREE Informed Minds App trial. Download from the Apple and Google Play Stores NOW!






our client


  • “Having worked with children and young people for over 20 years and completed lots of training, today’s safeguarding training session taught me lots of new information. It is important when working with vulnerable children and young people you keep up to date on safeguarding training and practices as legislation is ever changing. Sinead is a very experienced trainer who has worked in this field and can relate the theory to practice. Informative and relevant and up to date training, well worth taking time to attend”.

    Caroline Kerr, Lecturer at Belfast Met, May 2021



  • “I had the pleasure of first meeting Sinead Welsh as a student on my Ulster University Entrepreneurship programme. Sinead’s guest lecture was inspiring and I was delighted to be able to connect with her thereafter. She and I share interests in supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing and she has a wealth of international child protection experience and leadership which I was very impressed by. Sinead’s dynamic and innovative approach to supporting young people is terrific. The Informed Minds App is a wonderful way to harness the positive power of technology to reach those in need. Sinead has demonstrated extraordinary leadership by bringing together diverse professionals to help young people in their time of need by using the Informed Minds App and driving positive change. However, I was most impressed by the way in which young people themselves have been central to the design and collaboration process.

    Not only have they advised on important concepts about how the App might work and how best to reach out to young people in the most appropriate and meaningful ways, some have also courageously shared their own personal experiences to help others and to demonstrate that they are not alone and support is available. These are very important steps for us as a society as we move beyond the crippling stigma traditionally associated with mental ill-health. The Informed Minds App offers young people and their families a safe space through which to seek professional and peer support using an online platform. I commend Sinead and all at Informed Minds for their remarkable work and commitment. I am privileged and delighted to be able to support Informed Minds in their efforts to support young people across the island of Ireland.”

    Dr Maria Feeney (PhD), October 2021

  • “Sinead and her team at Informed Minds are avidly passionate and professional in every aspect of what they do. Sinead is a highly personable lady and vastly experienced in the increasingly needed field of mental health and well being. The Informed Minds App is a must for any employer looking to show compassion, understanding and support to all their people transitioning towards a new landscape of working and living. There has never been a more pertinent time for high trusted and compassionate leadership and working with the Informed Minds team is one step in helping to achieve this.”

    Paula Milligan Leading Expert & Facilitator, October 2021

  • “As of this year (2021) I have just started to work with Sinead through the Informed Minds App, as Sinead gave me the incredible opportunity to become a student ambassador. The moment I came into contact with Sinead she held such a welcoming and comforting environment. It is clear, when working and talking to Sinead, that she holds such a wealth of knowledge and experience within the field of mental health and mental health awareness, both within the United Kingdom and Internationally. This includes both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience and within this background it is clear Sinead has gave her 100% to the cause of change regarding mental health.

    The passion Sinead has for mental health and the work she and the company of the informed mind, as a whole, carries out shines through with every conversation she has, making it evident that she is determined, willing and committed to the change needed in today’s society regarding mental health and mental health practice. I have no reservations for recommending Sinead to any organisation or individual and am fully confident, upon meeting Sinead, they would agree with my above statement.”

    Cora Montgomery Master of Psychology Student Ulster University, October 2021

  • “An experienced, knowledgeable and passionate professional who has created a market leading app to help support employee wellbeing! If you are looking to support the wellbeing of your team then look no further…”

    Niall Devlin Head of Business Banking NI Bank of Ireland, October 2021

  • “In my experience of Sinead she is a consummate professional, deep thinker and creative innovator. She may see a barrier to achieving her desired goal but she is the type of person who sizes it up and determine the best way over, around or through it. Alternatively, Sinead will determine its not one worth her time considering and it is precisely this quality of discerning what is needed that is the hallmark of all Sinead selflessly does in service of others who are in vulnerable places in their lives. Sinead makes well considered choices and follows through on each commitment she undertakes.

    Her generosity extends to her sharing her time and talent pro-bono to benefit the wider community. Professionally, Sinead continually seeks to build upon existing initiatives and develop tools and services that allow other to harness their own self agency and so build confidence which result in happy, healthy minds. I have no hesitation in recommending Sinead as someone to design, develop and deliver creative solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organisations seeking to build healthier and happier lives. Her skills are transferable across the spectrum to successfully deliver services to a broad range of organisations from non-profit, charitable. faith based and/or corporate environments. Professionals like Sinead not only build lives they help save them. What more can be said of such a unique individual. She is quite inspiring.”

    Kay Waldron Senior Mental Health Associate for mentoring supervision, November 2021

  • “Sinead’s innovative and resourceful approach to delivering services is much needed and very welcome. The application of her significant experience via a format which is accessible and engaging will help ensure support is received by individuals who will benefit from it, but who otherwise may miss out.”

    Andy McClenaghan Public Affairs, Policy & Communication Lead at British Association of Social Workers, October 2021

  • “I met Sinead a month ago. The first person I have a chance to speak with since I have started my recent journey living in Belfast. Very approachable and supportive, many thanks once again! Fabulous work and dedication that you are doing with Informed Minds App”

    Patricia Sosa Falcon Class Teacher at the Avenue School BSAT London, October 2021

  • “Sinead has done extraordinary work with the Informed Minds App. She has a positive energy that is reflected in every aspect of her work, and her commitment to improving mental health supports for young adults is contagious. Sinead has amazing leadership skills and vision, and her work is entirely collaborative. She inspires everyone to do better.”

    Jacqui McGovern Co Founder of Mind Ed Mental Health Trainer Galway, Ireland October 2021

  • “Sinead creates opportunities to allow positive, authentic & effective communication across diverse insightful experiences. This naturally provides a space for everyone to be seen & heard.”

    Lori Gatsi-Barnett, Business Consultant and Founder of JoinHer Network, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist for the Informed Minds App. October 2021

  • “Working with Sinead you become enthused by her passion to support people who are struggling with their mental health and that is why this app is so good, it provides practical help and support delivered by real people with ‘lived experience.”

    Stephanie Reid Wellbeing Consultant Specialising in Menopause, November 2021.

  • “Sinead’s work around mental health and well-being is paramount in today’s society and is a much needed problem that needed addressed. The dedication and hard work behind the scenes has enabled a pathway for not only students but anyone struggling to see that they’re not alone and there is support out there. They deserve all the credit for everything they continue to do and I wish them all the best!”

    Tara O’Hagan, mental health advocate, November 2021.

  • “Sinead is a force of nature. I marvel at her levels of enthusiasm, energy and ability to get things done. To have the idea and take this app from a standing start is incredible. It has been pleasure to work with Sinead and provide assistance and content for the app.”

    Tony Callaghan, Police Advisor, November 2021.

  • “This week I experienced a walk through of the Informed Minds App that offers information on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues including peer lived experience and professional supports. How creative, accessible and very current! Loved it this app is something everyone needs on their phone”

    Stephanie Reid, Project Manager at Extern, November 2021.

  • “The informed mind app is innovative, life changing and forward thinking for the future of our young people. Sinead has used personal experience, her wealth of professional knowledge and included young people with lived experience to design and develop the app which is going to help and support so many. The difference this will make globally for young people is huge.”

    Emma Weaver Mental Health Manager, November 2021.

  • “Sinead and I collaborated on the topic of Suicide Awareness as part of her development of the Informed Minds App and together at her organisations’ 2021 Annual Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference “Bounce Forward”. Sinead has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fields of Safeguarding, Mental Health, Child Protection, Trauma and the Legal System to name just a few of her specialisms.

    It is also important to note that she amalgamates this knowledge with international experience, adding another valuable layer to her intellect and approach to her work. She brings a high energy and passion coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for improving the provision of wellbeing services to all, which is nothing short of infectious when working with her. Sinead’s development of the Informed Minds App and it’s continued growth is testimony to the dedication she applies to all projects with which she is involved. Having also seen and heard Sinead speak at a number of events and training programmes I would have no hesitation in recommending her to organisations or individuals interested in upskilling in her areas of specialism.

    Rob Doyle Cogitative Behavioural Coach, Suicide Prevention Trainer, Fire Fighter, November 2021

  • “Sinead Welsh is pioneering an innovative solution about how we can manage mental health and wellbeing. I am super impressed and absolutely supportive of everything that she does because it is done with the highest level of planning and delivery. Her Informed Minds app is genius and a revolution in the mental health industry, we all need to get behind it so that it can get out there and save the lives of those who struggle with life. Amazing work Sinead.”

    Karen McDermott Founder of Serenity Press, MMH Press, KMD Books & Forbes Council Member, November 2021.

  • “I carried out my placement year at Informed Minds Consultancy under Sinead. Sinead was an amazing mentor to me throughout my time at the company. She is so knowledgeable in her field and it was a pleasure to work under her and learn from her. She has always motivated me to perform my best with compassion and empowerment. She continues to encourage me to pursue my career aspirations and interests and I am so thankful for her guidance.”

    Niamh Donnelly Social Policy Graduate Ulster University, November 2021.

  • “Sinead’s passion shines through her work and how she treats people. I am so grateful for the opportunities that Sinead provides and admire the work that she does for the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Sinead is approachable and values those she works with, motivating her team with the mental health and wellbeing of all involved at the heart of her decisions.”

    Victoria Montgomery, Psychology Graduate Queen’s University Belfast, November 2021.

  • “Collaborated with Sinead for the Informed Minds App. Very driven and passionate about the project matched with professional. Well done Sinead.”

    Ciaran May Natural Resilience, November 2021.

  • “Sinead and I first met through a shared interest in mental health issues particularly those afflicting men. Over time she has become a reliable friend. She is a force to be reckoned with and I have watched her business grow from strength to strength. . Her passion, focus and drive are evident. Her deep knowledge and experience combined with an understanding of the stakeholder landscape puts her in good stead. I cannot overemphasize enough the importance of her work to our communities and society at large.”

    Nikita Brijpaul Belfast Met MBE, Staff Governor, November 2021.

  • I would highly recommend this lady. Sinead recently provided her wonderful services to a number of representatives from local pre schools and day cares. We all left the session feeling very informed, inspired and motivated. We cannot wait to our next session with Sinead Welsh from Informed Minds and Training Consultancy. The Designated Liaison Officer & Safeguarding Children & Young People trainings were excellent.

    Melanie O’Kane: Owner of Multiple Childcare Centres, November 2021

  • I booked Sinead for training a group and she was excellent. She has a wealth of knowledge in Child protection and many years international experience. Would highly recommend Informed minds for delivery of child protection and mental health at work training. Look forward to hearing Sinead again, very interesting!!!

    Sharon Tracey-Collins – Omagh Enterprise Centre, May 2019.

  • “Well run and very informative”, “Extremely knowledgeable and great delivery”, “Well delivered course, thank you” Safeguarding Children & Young People (NI) Mandatory Training.

    Royal Scottish Pipers Association of Northern Ireland (RSPANI) Anonymous feedback from participants at the recent Child Protection Training, Jan 2020

  • “Grateful to have attended Sinead’s Safeguarding children and young People training today, So informative and I have taken my knowledge and understanding to a whole new level, I feel really passionate on how innocent and vulnerable our young children are, and how our awareness plays a huge role in their safety and protection.”

    Thank you Informed Minds for Incredible value as always.
    Cathy O’Hagan, May 2021
  • Sinead is a first-class trainer. Well informed and has a wealth of experience in safeguarding & child protection. I would highly recommend Sinead and Informed Minds.

    Karen McElhill – Social Worker  Action For Children, June 2020


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